Hello all,


I hope this message finds you well. I know there is a lot of uncertainty and worry in the world right now, but I truly hope you are finding your unique ways to stay healthy, happy, and sane. I know some of you have reached out individually, and so I wanted to give you all a short update on the spring musical:

As of right now, nothing has been cancelled in the district beyond March 27th. We all are too aware of how quickly news changes right now, so yes, this information certainly has the potential to change. However, as of now, the show has not been cancelled.

As you may have seen in the emails from the district to families and students, all school activities are cancelled for this coming week. Again, THERE WILL BE NO REHEARSALS THIS WEEK, 3/23-3/27. A Remind will be sent out as well, but please make sure your fellow castmates are aware. Our number one priority at this time is the health and well being of all. 


This is the most current information there is. As the situation changes, you will be updated and alerted in as timely a fashion as possible. Now is a time of great uncertainty, but I will do my best to make sure there is no unnecessary stress about this particular subject.


No matter what comes to be, it is certainly the hope of all involved that The Pirates of Penzance will be mounted at some point. Your work thus far has been stellar, and it warms my cold, old heart to have seen the passion you have put into the project. Please, keep looking at the materials you have already received in the time you might have.


More importantly, take care of yourselves. Mentally, physically, whatever it need be. Your safety is paramount, whatever happens in regards to the musical. I care for and respect each of you deeply. I cannot wait to see all your wonderful faces on the other side of all this crazy.

Best wishes, and stay safe.
Mr. Sullivan

Anoka High School 
3939 7th Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303
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